About the ATIA

Our Passion

The ATIA believe that together we can make an even greater difference – to the success of Australian and international industry and the safety and well-being of the broader community.

  • JAS-ANZ: Government appointed accreditation body for certification and inspection.
  • NATA: Australia’s national authority for assessing and recognising the competence and capability of organisations that deliver technical data used in decision making processes.
  • NMI: Coordinates Australia’s national measurement system, establishing and maintaining Australia’s measurement standards and ensuring international recognition.
  • Standards Australia: Leads and promotes a respected and unbiased Standards development process.

Confidence + Efficiency + Effectiveness = Value

ATIA members are an invaluable resource in support of the Australian government and industry within the global marketplace by providing internationally recognised technical assurance.

The ATIA members work collaboratively with the aim of bringing greater efficiency and performance in quality standards that will lead to improved productivity and growth. The combined authority and experience of the Alliance provides comprehensive advice, products and services to all sectors dependent on the standards and conformance infrastructure.


Who Will Benefit?

This initiative seeks to benefit the following critical areas of Australian life:

  • Economic productivity and growth
  • Commercial and industrial effectiveness
  • Local and international trade
  • Community health and safety
  • Consumer protection

What Makes us Different?

  • Our people
  • Our knowledge
  • Our experience
  • Our reach
  • Our authority
  • Our rich history of collaboration
  • A single point of contact

Our Services

The ATIA is an invaluable resource providing technical advice and support to Government and industry:

  • Accreditation
  • Measurement and assurance
  • Validating testing and inspection capabilities
  • Standards
  • Best practice
  • Emerging trends
  • Quality
  • Reducing risks
  • Supporting the development of policy and programs
  • Viable alternatives to regulation

How do we Deliver our Services?

  • Engaging and consulting with stakeholders
  • Collaborating with industry and government
  • Providing joint services

We are committed to transparency, objectivity, neutrality and impartiality.


Regional and International Influence

ATIA members are both highly regarded and influential at the world’s largest and most important international measurement, standards and conformance organisations.

The ATIA underpins easier and fairer trade between countries and is a safeguard for users and consumers. The ATIA assists developing nations to establish their own strong and independent technical infrastructure.